Arsenal is a Blender integrated game engine written in Rust. The project is in very early stages of development, but we are doing the planning, investigation, experimentation, and documentation that is necessary to get the project going. The source code for the project is on GitHub.

Getting Started

If you want to try out Arsenal, you can download the latest release here. The change log will have the list of the updates made with each release. The getting started page will show you how to install Arsenal and run your first game.


We at Katharos Technology have been planning to use Armory3D for our games until recent concerns about Armory3D's Haxe runtimes were brought up and we decided that Armory runs the risk of not being able to handle large games due to the Haxe core. We believe that Rust is the best language for building a game engine and as such have been doing some investigation on how we would build a Rust game engine that offers the same advantages as Armory3D.

Arsenal will be built on top of the Amethyst game engine and will provide a full Blender integration that will allow you to build games in Blender. Arsenal will also come with a Logic Node system that will allow non-programmers to build out game logic.

More details of what we are trying to accomplish with Arsenal can be found in our Vision.


You can view our roadmap by looking at the Sprints on Taiga. Each sprint represents an upcoming release and the stories that we plan on working on for that release. You can also see what work is in progress on the Kanban board. See the Taiga wiki for more information on our issue workflow.


We will be posting updates on the development progress of Arsenal on the Arsenal feed at Katharostech.com. Releases of Arsenal will be tracked in the changelog. Notable milestones or events will be put on the News page.


If you have any thoughts or feedback you can open an issue or contact us on our website.